On starting a new chapter


This year I made a Very-Big-Decision. I decided to take a chance, plan a career break and see if I can make it on my own. My career to date has taught me a huge deal and has been incredibly enriching; I have spent five years working in the charity sector, developing and managing volunteering programmes and campaigning to create meaningful social change. Before that, I completed a teaching qualification and throughout all of these years I have been writing – both fiction and personal essays for myself and professionally in my job roles.

However, as much as I’ve loved the beginning of my career, learning and growing in a number of incredible charities, I have begun to feel restless, desiring more control and flexibility to manage my own time, which made exploring freelancing, part time work and setting up my own projects begin to appeal more and more.  So, I’ve taken the leap and I’m excited to see where this decision takes me.

To find out more about my skills, experience and what I could do for you or your organisation do take a look around my site. I’m available for freelance writing projects, facilitation and third sector consultancy, with a particular focus on volunteering and youth engagement.

As for this blog, I have gradually found myself looking for a platform to share some of my thoughts and experiences, especially as I have recently been finding my place in the writing community. I have found others’ personal essays and articles fascinating and so helpful during a period of personal growth and change, so I hope that this blog can be a space where others’ may find some much needed words as well.

I plan to write about all sorts of topics, from sharing the development of my new career path, to reflecting on events I attend but I will also be making space to discuss some more personal aspects of my life as well.

I hope you enjoy my pieces and come with me on this journey. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

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