November: in review

november header

This morning I had one of those niggling feelings, like I had forgotten something. It took a little while before I realised that it was this blog! Usually I get these done like clockwork, ready to post on the final day of the month, so I surprised myself with my absent mindedness! I can’t quite fathom it’s December already, I suppose.

November was a good month on the whole, though I suppose has given me less to report on than others. Here’s my month in review.


November was a relatively good month for my health. Following October’s trend, my body seems to be coping pretty well with the amount I’ve taken on recently.

The only health highlight to report is that my osteopath, after a year of weekly appointments, has decided I can take my appointments fortnightly. It’s a great encouragement that my body is doing better and she’s even suggested we might be able to space things out to every three weeks come February.

It’s such an indescribable feeling to look at where I was with my health this time last year and where I am now. It makes me hopeful for 2019.


The bulk of my month has been taken up by a focus on work, dividing my time between my contract at Rethink Mental Illness and freelance facilitation with the wonderful Future First and The Mix.

November saw my first delivery with Rethink, running three back to back sessions with young people on mental health awareness and support at a school in Westminster. It was great to get stuck in and to deliver such powerful content. It has made me even more excited for a busy spell of deliveries to teachers, parents and students in the new year.


Something I said to my therapist this month was that the best feeling I’ve had recently is realising that most of my worries have been “normal person worries” for the first time in what feels like years. It has been nice to feel like things have evened out in that way.

I think that’s reflected in this month’s life section, really – there’s nothing all that exciting to talk about, I’ve just been getting on with normal life. I’ve been resting a fair bit because I’ve been working so hard, interspersed with lovely catch ups with friends and the odd spot of dog sitting. Other than that I’ve been buckling down with my novel, finally finishing part two (of four) and surpassing the 35,000 word mark.

All in all it’s been a pretty normal month, which feels quite special really.

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