May: in review

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For the first time, I approached this blog with a little trepidation this month. Usually I enjoy the reflective process, jotting down notes for each segment and browsing through my calendar for any key moments I might have forgotten. Giving myself some time to take stock, acknowledge progress and look forward has become a really helpful ritual. Today, though, that felt a little more challenging than usual – it hasn’t been the best month. This isn’t the place to go into depth about it, but May has involved a painful heartbreak and so much of the month felt blurry to me in many ways.

The positive of having this monthly reflective commitment to myself, however, is that by taking some time to look at the rest of the month, outside of those emotions, I was able to find some brighter spots too and to remind myself that all is not lost. Here is my round up of the rest.

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My main focus this month has been my youth engagement consultancy with Plan International UK, developing a concept note and processes for the youth element of a new international campaign. It has been really interesting to look at youth engagement in a global context and to step into the world of international development. My time with Plan has now come to an end, but I look forward to seeing what happens with my work once the campaign launches.

I also had the joy of working with Arts Emergency this month, designing and facilitating bespoke training for their team on youth mental health awareness and support. I really enjoy the process of creating training and working with teams to support their learning and development. I would love to do more of this work moving forward and hope this is a side to my business I can continue to grow. I also hope to keep my link with Arts Emergency going, as myself and Kerry (the powerhouse behind Write Like a Grrrl) begin the process of funding applications to expand our creative writing programme for young women.

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All of this month’s life updates come in the form of creative output and exploration which, if you read my blog regularly, probably comes as no surprise.

Writing has been a key feature for me, both in terms of publication and progress on my novel. Mid month I had a short piece of creative non-fiction published by the ever wonderful Dear Damsels, titled “I have been thinking a lot”. The submission theme which I wrote the piece for was ‘Escape’ and I was drawn to write about the time not long after my relapse where I became fixated on the idea that I needed to escape London, when what I really wanted to get away from was my body. It took a lot of work, developing my health and how I felt about my disability, before I could realise that distinction. Now I’m in a much better place and have made amends with poor old London, though I don’t think I’ll be here forever. Now though, I want to leave because it feels right – not because my body feels wrong. Writing honestly about personal subjects and putting it out for the world to see is scary but it’s worth it when I receive feedback from others who tell me they can relate. Those are the moments that remind me why I keep writing.

My determination to keep writing this month means I’ve also made it past the 50,000 word mark on my novel. I’ve managed to build a sense of momentum for myself again and I’m feeling proud of myself for remaining focused on this project, even through some really challenging years. I’m hopeful I can keep this productivity going over the summer and continue to edge towards finishing my first draft.

I was lucky enough to go to see three different theatre productions in May. Hoard at The Arcola in Dalston, The Lehman Brothers Trilogy and Emilia in the West End. I was blown away by the performances and staging in The Lehman Trilogy, but the hilarious and moving all-female cast of Emilia won my heart.


This month I also attended a couple of wonderful workshops which helped me to develop new skills and try out new techniques. In the first workshop, I learned some basic embroidery skills with M.Y.O London, creating my own embroidered wall hanging. It’s not something I think I would do often but I did find it a relaxing and interesting way to create imagery. I took away some key tips and tricks which mean I could pick up a hoop again in the future should a new design idea take my fancy – watch this space.

The second workshop was ‘Sketchy Bitches’, organised and led by Dulcimer Draws. It was a lovely afternoon spent with brilliant, creative women where we created collaborative drawings and then drew mini portraits of each other. I was thrilled with some of mine (and also secretly delighted to learn that I’m apparently fun to draw). I have so enjoyed building a community of women who write and would love to do the same with art, so I definitely think I’ll be going to one of these workshops again.



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The biggest date in my diary for June is actually this coming Sunday, when I will be turning 30. Given it’s a “big birthday”, I thought I’d be met with more existential dread than I have been this last week but instead I’ve actually just been reminded of my Grandad. I remember when he turned 90 he said “I just want it to be over with so I can get on with my life”, which is sort of how I feel about this birthday! I’m looking forward to a day spent with those closest to me, of course, but I kind of just want to get stuck into being 30 too.

As for the rest of the month, I’m currently enjoying some time off, after a very busy start to the year. It’s nice to have a bit of clear headspace and some dedicated time to relax. Things will be picking up again soon, though, as I’m heading back into the world of Rethink Mental Illness in a couple of weeks time. I’m delighted to be joining the children and young people’s team at Time to Change over the summer, designing the training and development offer for young champions and supporting their youth engagement work in schools. I’ll also be popping into some schools with Future First and Brook along the way to lead some of their final education sessions before the end of term.

Finally, from June onwards I will be getting back into a more balanced schedule again, reducing the amount I’m working and creating more space to focus on fun, creativity and staying well. I haven’t gotten it right yet in 2019 but now is as good a time as any to start fresh. I have a good feeling about next month – I’ll let you know in my next round up if I was right.

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