May: in review

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Here we are again – the end of another month. The end of May tends to bring out a sense of existential dread in me, as an early June baby – another year ticked off and a new age to remember. In fairness, though, at least I can look back at 28 as a pretty successful and transformative year.

As for May, it has felt both lengthy and short but certainly full of life. Here’s my monthly round up


All in all, May has been a very good month (touching wood seemed to work last time, so I’m going to type this one handed with the other palm flat on the table). I’ve been able to do more and my body has been much quicker to bounce back from bad days. I’m beginning to feel a little more lively and a lot more resilient which is great, although it does make the hard days feel harder in a way. I need to remember to stay mindful of pacing and resting as I go forward but I have my fingers crossed that this is the start of a steady upward curve.

This month was heavy on the health awareness weeks for me, as you can see reflected on the blog with my posts for M.E Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Week. I’m not sure who chose to put them back to back – it was a big fortnight for baring my soul – but I hope that anyone who read my posts, alongside all the pieces I shared on my social media feeds, found them helpful or, at the very least, interesting!

Next month I finally have my M.E clinic appointment, after a year of pushing and persisting to get there. I’m seeing a consultant who follows guidance heavily critiqued by many patients and other specialists so I’m interested, if increasingly anxious, to see what the appointment holds.


This month brought my time with The Mix to an end after a brilliant 8 months. It was a mixed month of volunteer recruitment and training, finishing with a Saturday working with new volunteers in Nottingham. As one contract ends, however, another begins – I’m looking forward to joining Brook, the young people’s sexual health charity, as a Freelance Education and Wellbeing Specialist soon, supporting them to deliver their work in schools.

I also worked with Volume 48 this month on a brilliant event with over 100 employees from Cisco. The event aimed to raise awareness and understanding of hidden conditions – from mental health to sight impairment. Participants were guided through several interactive sessions to simulate different conditions and get people thinking and talking. As it was Mental Health Awareness Week, I also ran a mini listening skills masterclass.

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I am now open to new opportunities and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in receiving facilitation or consultancy support.


I was thrilled to be recognised by Action for M.E as a ‘Fundraiser of the Week’ during May, as a result of my awareness raising zines. It’s so nice to get positive feedback from others living with M.E and to feel like what I’m doing is really making a difference, even if only in a small way.


Finally, I’ve actually felt well enough this month to just live my life and that has felt so good – meeting with friends, going to parties, watching the royal wedding with a gin or two… it has felt nice to be able to let go a little and just be me. Long may it continue.

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