June: in review

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This has been the best month I’ve had in 2018 so far and, in all honesty, I’m quite sad that my birthday season is rolling away for another year. Between my birthday, a city break, a positive consultant appointment and general life goodness this month has felt like a great leap forward from where I was when this year started. I loved a lot of my 28th year but it already feels like 29 could be a game changer. Here’s a round up of my month.


Anyone who follows my blog will know that this month held a long awaited consultancy appointment with the fatigue service at the Royal Free. I had approached the appointment with trepidation; I hate the name “fatigue service” as it feels like it diminishes my experience; I made the mistake of googling my consultant (trust me, never do this); I knew the clinic’s main approach is the GET/CBT methodology recommended by the widely criticised PACE trial. I get anxious in hospitals as it is so sitting in the corridor waiting to be called I was an absolute bag of nerves. After the appointment, however, I texted my best friends: I have to take it all back. She’s actually a bit of a legend.

It was probably the most thorough appointment I’ve ever had with a consultant. I felt fully listened to, understood and respected. She got where I was coming from, she empathised and, best of all, she had ideas. Next steps include an appointment to explore the extent to which fibromyalgia is affecting me (ah yes – I also picked up an additional diagnosis) and then moving forward to try to reduce my pain (and thus my need for buckets of medication). I left the appointment feeling so hopeful. I can’t promise to cure you, she said. Science isn’t there yet, but we can do our best to improve your symptoms. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that she’s right.

June has felt like a good month overall too, with my body feeling significantly more resilient and able to keep up with a higher pace of life than I’ve managed in a while. It feels like the upward curve is continuing…  I’d probably best go touch wood again, hey?


This month has been quiet work wise, especially with my break, but did include a brilliant day of induction training with Brook for my new position with them as an Education and Wellbeing Specialist. I’m really looking forward to getting started with events and workshops in the coming weeks.

I’ve also been using my down time to get out and meet with organisations to discuss possible collaborations. If you or your organisation would benefit from support with volunteer management, youth engagement or facilitation do give me a shout.


The month kicked off with my birthday which I thoroughly enjoyed with friends and family. I always find birthdays send me into a slight existential spiral in the preceding week but on the day itself that tends to transition into a hopeful feeling. I’ve made myself a little list of things I want to do this year before the big 3-0 in 2019, set some intentions and so far things are looking bright.

The week after my birthday I went away for my annual solo city break. I know it’s not for everyone but travelling alone is one of the greatest acts of self-care I can practice. I love taking the time out of the day to day, giving myself some space and taking time to reflect. This year took me to Amsterdam and I really enjoyed wandering the canals, taking writing breaks in cafes, vintage shopping and soaking up some of the culture.

I came back from my trip with a fresh energy and a real feeling of momentum. It has been good to come back with focus and I’m certain I can make the second half of this year even better than the first.

See you next month.

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